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A brief introduction to Eco tourism Industry

Eco tourism Industry is an industry which is fast catching up with the other flourishing industries of the world. Eco tourism industry is growing by leaps and bounds. Eco tourism market makes up 6% of the GDP all over the world. The yearly growth rate is 5%. Eco tourism refers to the practice in which the place one visits is not harmed in any way, thereby maintaining the natural equilibrium of the place. This includes aspects related to maintaining the flora as well as the fauna of the place. Every effort is made to keep the place in it's original form.

Eco tourism as defined by the International Eco tourism Society:

International Eco tourism Society refers to Eco tourism as visiting any natural place that protects the environment and also looks after the welfare of the local people residing in that area. Eco tourism industry encompasses all the activities directed towards the maintenance of the natural surrounding. Besides, supporting recycling of objects,reuse of water, using energy efficiently and simultaneously providing employment opportunities for the local people residing in that areas also forms a part and parcel of the Eco tourism industry.

Eco tourism industry policies:

Many policies and strategies have been formulated to govern the Eco tourism industry. These policies are worked out by eminent personalities of the society pertaining to Eco tourism. The personalities belong to the following sectors:

  • Wildlife Management,
  • Historians, Archaeologists
  • Marine Biology and Oceanography
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Wildlife Photography

There are several projects which are re-structured from time to time in order to meet the requirements of the time. However, Eco tourism industry also has few snags. They can be listed as below:

Confiscating unexplored lands for the purpose of tourism is one of the disadvantages of the Eco tourism industry. Unexplored lands may include areas of wilderness, wildlife and national parks. Another disadvantage of Eco tourism industry is that Eco tourism mostly caters to the needs of the upward mobile class of people or allures the urban class. There are times when entire stretches of land are wiped out for the purpose of building artificial villages etc.,.

Employment opportunities provided to the local residents basically consists of jobs which may not be enough for ones livelihood. Jobs of vendors, porters and travel guides are very low paying and does not serve the purpose of Eco tourism as per Eco tourism industry norms.

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