Printing Industry Trends

June 29, 2010Print and Printing Industryby EconomyWatch


Printing Industry Trends has been very significant over the years. This trend is actually the force that is determining the future of Printing Industry.

The increasing use of Internet in the publishing world has brought a revolution in the Printing Industry. Remote Distribution of Data and Variable Data Printing has been possible by the use of Internet. The special ability of Internet of distributing large quantities of data to diverse locations bridged the gaps of Printing Industry. Earlier, almost all printing work was used to be done through press. But, in today's world of technological advancement, many printing work is done from customer's home printer.

Internet publications has opened a new horizon for printing industry. The Publishing Companies are realizing that it is better to distribute data through Internet in the first step and to print them in the second step. This is because if they carry out the traditional process of firstly printing and then distributing then it may generate much more costs. So, in this context, the biggest challenge faced by the companies which operate through Printing Press is of lowering costs.

The pressure of lowering costs has risen more because of the recent technological advancements which have invented the concept of e-commerce. E-Commerce has lowered administration costs and the proofing time. To keep pace with these emerging technologies, the Printing Industry has now concentrated on Digital Printing. But this advent of technology in the field of printing is killing the Cottage Print Industry. According to survey, the number of companies in the cottage print industry is going to decline sharply within 2010.But as a whole we can say that Printing Industry has already ridden a growth wave through technological innovations and further growth can come only through new innovations and high level of productivity.

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