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June 29, 2010Print and Printing Industryby EconomyWatch


Printing Industry encompasses numerous fields of every economy. Printing Industry generates a wide range of products which require in every step of our everyday life. Starting from Newspapers, Magazines, Books, Post Cards to Memo Pads and Business Order Forms each are the products of Printing Industry.
Other than the direct contributions, there are many indirect influences of Printing Industry up on the economy. This is because, all the activities like Binding, Embossing which generate considerable amount of income and employment are related closely with the Printing Industry. Packaging industry and Advertising Industry in many ways depend on the Printing Industry.
In the Printing Industry, the main Printing Techniques that are used are:

  • Lithography-This technique emphasizes on economical use of color.
  • Flexography- This technique produces vibrant colors and is used for printing newspapers and books.
  • Gravure-This technique is famous for Print Quality and Print Formats and is mainly used for product printing to be used in
  • packaging industry.
  • Letterpress-This technique is used when printing is done on raised surfaces.
  • Screen Printing-This technique is mainly used to Print designs on fabrics.

But it is very important to mention that the Printing Industry all over the world are experiencing high level of technical advancement and there is no doubt that all these research and development works are contributing immensely to the growth of Printing Industry across the world.

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