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June 29, 2010Oil and Gas Industryby EconomyWatch


From 15th to 18th of March 2009 MEOS 2009 would be held in Bahrain. This is a big event for Bahrain oil and gas industry as it would be attended by best professionals operating within this industry.

Over years MEOS has played a major role in oil and gas industry of Bahrain. This event has been credited with creation of a platform where individuals and establishments within oil and gas industry in Bahrain can discuss some major issues like human resource, advancements in technology and demand for products of oil and gas industry at Bahrain.

As per latest reports from oil and gas industry in Bahrain a number of oil and gas projects in middle east are supposed to get delayed in 2009. In Bahrain an oil and gas project worth $2.2 billion is expected to be put on hold. Much of this dire situation that Bahrain oil and gas industry finds itself in is due to global financial recession.

In a new development in Bahrain oil and gas industry Saudi Aramco has planned to substitute and increase a pipeline of oil that runs between Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. This oil pipeline is 71 miles long.

This project is worth almost $350 million and is expected to start by 2011. This information was provided in an official statement issued by Abdul Karim Al Sayed who is chief executive officer of Bahrain Petroleum Co.

This announcement was part of comments made on 19th January 2009 by Abdul Karim Al Sayed when Pipeline Rehabilitation and Maintenance conference got started in Manama, capital of Bahrain.

This particular project is important for Bahrain oil and gas industry as this reconstructed pipeline would increase amount of oil that can be carried from 235,000 barrels per day to 350,000 barrels per day. Al Sayed reiterated that Sitra refinery, which is urgently needed to be able to adjust to increased volumes, may not be prepared when this project kicks off.

In another news from Bahrain oil and gas industry Ministry of Industry and Commerce of Bahrain has consented to MTQ to provide its oilfield equipment engineering services in that kingdom. These services would be provided through MTQ Bahrain, which is a completely owned subsidiary of MTQ.

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