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June 29, 2010Manufacturing Industryby EconomyWatch


Plastic manufacturing industry ranks 3rd among all other manufacturing industries in the United States Of America. Employment opportunities, real earnings, shipments etc have grown in the last 25 years of the plastic manufacturing industry. The period between 1980 through 2005, witnessed an increase in the plastic productivity by 2.1%. Growth rate was at par with the growth manifested by other manufacturing sectors.

Facts about plastic manufacturing industry:

  • Plastic manufacturing industry in United States Of America provided employment to as many as 1.1 million people.
  • Shipments in the plastic manufacturing industry in America, accounted for USD$341 million. The above statistical date related to plastic manufacturing industry was observed as in 2005.
  • Rate of growth of employment in the plastic manufacturing industry grew at 1.1% every year between 1980 through 2005.
  • The same period (from 1980 through 2005), witnessed the plastic industry contribution to the real earnings of 118% which ranged from USD$48 billion - USD$106 billion.
  • 1980 to 2005 also witnessed the growth of plastic manufacturing industry in terms of real earnings earned from shipments ranging between USD$106 billion-USD$236 billion.

Plastic is inseparable as it is needed in every step of our lives. Plastic has contributed towards improving our lifestyles. Plastic manufacturing industry plays a vital role in the improvement of the economy of USA. United States Of America has the maximum consumption of plastics in the world. America is also the largest manufacturer of plastic in the world.

As many as 1.4 million workers were on the direct rolls of the plastic manufacturing industry in the year 1996. The rate at which the plastic industry has been growing over the two decades is commendable accounting for a growth of 3% every year. Since 1974, shipments in the plastic manufacturing industry saw a rise by a yearly growth accounting for 4.1%. Shipments in the plastic industry witnessed a rise accounting for a total $366.4 billion in the year 1996.


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