Australian Manufacturing Industry

June 29, 2010Manufacturing Industryby EconomyWatch


A brief introduction to Australian Manufacturing Industry

Australian manufacturing industry
has been performing consistently for the last few years. The Australian manufacturing industry had reached its zenith in the last one and a half years. Job openings in the Australian manufacturing industry attained the 40,000 mark last year. A lot has been invested in the Australian manufacturing industry for the purpose of research and development, exploring new technologies. The future of the manufacturing industry in Australia is very bright and things are expected to further look up. Australian manufacturing industry provided majority of the goods used by people in their daily lives. The manufacturing industry in Australia has to survive tough competition from other countries like China. In order to survive in the competitive market, Australia has to manufacture products which are as per industry standards and industry requirements. Moreover, other countries are increasingly incorporating latest techniques for enhancing quality production. Investment in the information technology sector has increased manifold. Every effort is made to develop new techniques which can escalate productivity of Australian manufacturing industry.

The success of the manufacturing industry in Australia is determined by the efficient communication with manufactures abroad and the market conditions prevailing overseas. Australian manufacturing industry has to depend to a large extent on suppliers from abroad.

Statistical data showing Australian manufacturing industry and it's impact on economy:

The following data is provided as per the status of the Australian manufacturing industry in the year 2005.

The industry revenue generated by the manufacturing industry in Australia was $229,506.00million. The industry gross product was $74,740.00 million, establishments accounted for 260 units, enterprises accounted for 220 units, the manufacturing industry generated employment of 190,050 units, exports as well as imports accounted for $30,463.00million and $123,651 million respectively. Overall wages amounted to $13,667.00 million. The domestic demand in the Australian manufacturing industry was $322,694.00 million.

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