Civil Engineering Industry

June 29, 2010Engineering Industryby EconomyWatch


Civil engineering industry primarily covers activities of engineering discipline from planning, designing and construction of buildings to development of water supplying structures. Civil engineering industry also encompasses areas like soil and rock mechanics, surveying, material science and environmental science.

Some application fields of civil engineering industry

Beside designing, planning or construction of buildings, some other major application fields of civil engineering industry are management of residential and commercial buildings, transportation system, fields regarding water supplying activities, and environmental fields, which is basically studied for the maintenance and enhancement of quality of life. Civil engineering industry specifically deals with the activities of designing and construction of structures like bridges, dams, harbors, canals, roads, tunnels, and water-supply systems. Civil engineering industry activities also include structures like power plants, aircraft, water-treatment plants etc.

Job opportunities in civil engineering industry

Civil engineering industry provides job opportunities, specifically in public and private sectors. Some of the job types are contractors, builders, educators or researchers. Some common job designations are

  • Civil Engineer, who primarily engaged for activities of traffic signal engineering analysis and signal designing.
  • Geotechnical Engineers, who are responsible for designing earth retaining structures or field inspection activities
  • Structural Engineer, who deals with activities like planning, designing, and structural analysis of buildings, bridges or specific structures.

The persons who like to be involved in civil engineering industry should have a good communication ability with computational and analytical skills. They should also have the technical competence to get the optimum results.

Civil engineering industry economy

Civil engineering industry has the potentiality to build a strong economy and so more multinational companies and engineers are showing their interests to be involved with this industry. With the development of society and because of technological advancement, demand of civil engineering activities are also increasing.

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