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Is Pakistan’s Nuclear Security On The Verge Of A ‘Meltdown’?

Date: 7 November 2012

Pakistan’s nuclear program is a source of national pride and identity. But with concerns growing over the security of its nuclear weapons – especially the threat of theft by terrorists – can Pakistan still maintain the growth of its nuclear program, without provoking action from the U.S. and, most notably, India?

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Is Affordable Energy a Myth? – Interview with Ed Dolan

Date: 26 October 2012

Oil and energy prices have fluctuated so erratically in the last several years, affected by the constant threat of war and exacerbated by the global economic turmoil. As energy prices continue on its long-term upward trend, many wonder if affordable energy is really just a myth. 

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Big Oil’s Influence on US Politics

Date: 18 October 2012

Energy and taxes have come up as important topics in this year’s race to the White House. From energy independence to tax breaks for the oil industry, affordable gas prices and environmental protection – these are the issues that can and will affect the vote. But with Big Oil working behind the scenes and funding U.S. politicians, the industry’s influence on politics cannot be underestimated.

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Do Biofuels Still Have A Future In The US? – Interview With Jim Lane

Date: 11 October 2012

Following record droughts across the United States, the benefits of the ethanol subsidy were once again hotly debated; and biofuels in general found themselves generating quite a few unflattering headlines. But as always the mainstream media overreacted and we wanted to help put the record straight as to whether biofuels are an expensive folly or if they really do offer an affordable source of liquid fuel that can help us lower our reliance upon gasoline.

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The Power of Qatar’s Money: How A Tiny Nation Can Wield Large Influence In The Middle East

Date: 1 October 2012

Qatar may be one of the smallest nations in the Middle East (both in population and land area), but its immense wealth – stemming from its natural gas reserves – has made it one of the biggest geopolitical players in the region. Amid the conflicts in Egypt, Libya and Syria, the ever-extending influence of the Qatari Riyal has ensured that the nation’s interests are always protected, both at home and abroad.

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Can Syria’s Rebels Overthrow Assad? – Interview With Jellyfish Operations

Date: 24 September 2012

As rebels attempt to regroup in advance of a new strategy to overpower Assad, and Western powers try to start from scratch with a new rebel formation that is presumably devoid of Salafi Jihadists, the US is calling on third party, non-state actors to arm the rebels in order to avoid becoming embroiled in a geopolitically sensitive conflict just ahead of presidential elections. As attentions turn to the chaos breaking out across the Middle East and North Africa (and even further afield), what chance do the rebels have of pushing Assad to his limits? 

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America’s Mirage In Libya: Why The Anti-Islamic Film May Be Covering Up The True Cause Of Violence

Date: 17 September 2012

The deaths of US envoy to Libya, Christopher Stevens, and three other American diplomats in a rocket attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, has placed a made-in-America, anti-Islamic, amateur film in the global spotlight. But though the movie has been identified by politicians as the root cause of violent anti-U.S. protests across the Arab world, the true reason for the clashes can actually be tied back to past U.S. intervention strategy.

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Why Oil Prices Stay High – Interview With James Hamilton

Date: 10 September 2012

What is the global energy situation today? Is our energy future one of falling prices and plentiful supply or should we prepare for declining supply and sky-high prices? To give readers a real understanding of where we are, Oilprice.com was fortunate enough to speak with the world's leading energy economist, Professor James Hamilton. 

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How Will Scottish Independence Affect Its Energy Future? – Interview With Alex Salmond

Date: 15 August 2012

By 2014, Scottish voters may have the chance to end the country’s 307-year intermarriage with England and the United Kingdom at a referendum for independence. The growing belief right is now that Scotland has the economic capacity to go it alone, particularly as they have an abundance of oil and natural gas reserves. Yet even so, the Scottish government is still keen to become the green energy capital of Europe, with more investments placed in renewable energy.

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Will Argentina’s Energy Aggression Isolate The Nation?

Date: 8 August 2012

Angering Spain by seizing and nationalizing a majority of Repsol's shares in YPF and ramping up the rhetoric over the Falkland Islands as exploration deals promise to make the territory a major oil player overnight, Argentina is making few friends in the fossil fuels industry these days. Sam Logan, owner of the Latin America-focused private intelligence boutique, Southern Pulse, speaks to Oilprice.com about the politics of populism behind Argentina's energy aggression.

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Jim Rogers On The Best Investment Opportunities In The World Right Now: Interview

Date: 13 July 2012

World markets appear to be hovering over a precipice as Europe's sovereign debt crisis, slowdowns in India and China and further bank downgrades threaten to send stocks and commodities down even further. Falling oil and gas prices may offer some respite to consumers but are they enough to help the economy or are they a symptom of deeper problems? To help Oilprice.com look at these issues and more, we are joined by the well-known investor, adventurer and author Jim Rogers. 

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Turkey’s Gamble On An Independent Kurdistan: A Play For Iraq's Oil?

Date: 27 June 2012

Since 2003, Turkey has long fretted whether a sovereign Kurdistan could lead to social unrest within its own borders – especially given Turkey’s native Kurd population. Yet with Ankara’s recent announcement of a series of bilateral deals with the Kurdistan Regional Government in Iraq, everyone's first question now is why would Turkey want to align itself with an Iraqi Kurdish leadership that is clearly making a play to create a sovereign Kurdish state?

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Will Politics Prevent The US Military From Going Green?

Date: 4 June 2012

The US Defense Department consumes more energy than any other department or sector in the country, spending around $20 billion annually by some estimates; but ambitious plans to make it the nation's green leader have been swept under the rug over budgetary concerns that smack of campaign politics.

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Google Gone Green: Can Google Be An Advocate For Renewable Energy?

Date: 25 May 2012

As a major consumer of energy, Google’s recent efforts to go green are seen as a welcome step by the environmental advocates, who see the Internet giant as an important future player in the renewable energy industry. But can Google really capitalise on its momentum and become an influential figure in energy policy?

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Behind The Fracking Divide In The UK

Date: 30 April 2012

Local communities in the U.K. may still be against hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking”, but the government has once again proven that its interests are more closely aligned with investment bankers in the City of London than those forced to live with the consequences.

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Troubled Waters: Has The India-Pakistan Water Conflict Reached A Boiling Point?

Date: 13 April 2012

For years, the Indus River has brought water (and life) to both India and Pakistan. But today, the river now stands at the centre of a water conflict between the two South Asian neighbours, which threatens to escalate into violence. Is a water war between India and Pakistan imminent, and what is China’s role in the whole thing?

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