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Rising Powers, Shrinking Planet: What’s Next in the Energy Debate?

Date: 25 June 2013

Most, if not all, wars have been trade wars connected with some sort of material interest. As geopolitical risks multiply and conventional energy reserves decline, could the accelerated development of renewable energy prove to be the only way to avoid an inevitable spiral of war and disaster? 

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Energy Diplomacy: India’s Great Balancing Act

Date: 18 June 2013

In its relentless quest for energy to fuel its booming economy, India, the second largest buyer of Iranian oil, has struck a neat diplomatic balance: Delhi has managed to maintain friendly ties and oil shipments from Tehran without antagonising Washington, while keeping Baghdad on the hook as it takes the necessary steps to fill the gaps left by international sanctions on the Iranian regime. 

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Can the US Dethrone Saudi Arabia as the World’s Top Oil Producer?: Chris Faulkner Interview

Date: 6 June 2013

The discovery of shale gas has been the biggest driver in the reversal of decades of decline in U.S. oil production and has already transformed North Dakota, for example, into an economic powerhouse, boasting the nation's lowest unemployment rate and fastest-growing GDP, as well as an oil production level surpassing that of some OPEC nations. But will Saudi Arabia, the Kingdom with not only the largest proven oil reserves but also the largest repository – by far – of low-cost oil reserves, allow the U.S. oil boom at its expense?

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US Energy Policy – Should The Free Market Reign Supreme?: Mark Thoma Interview

Date: 27 May 2013

Even as America looks towards an energy-independent future, debate continues to stir over the importance of green energy and natural gas exports. And although some have argued that government intervention is hindering industry growth, the threat of significant market failures can also hurt long-term economic and environmental sustainability.

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Tunisia: Africa’s New Energy Hotspot?

Date: 16 April 2013

Until recently, Tunisia was considered to be a minor league and relatively underexplored venue in Africa's rapidly expanding oil & gas scene. This situation has quickly changed with new bid rounds and forced relinquishments creating an opportunity for new companies to come in.

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Cyprus Bailout: Centre Of A Power Struggle Over Natural Gas?

Date: 25 March 2013

If government estimates are accurate, Cyprus may be sitting on an amazing 60 trillion cubic feet of natural gas – enough to cover 40 percent of the European Union’s gas supplies. The complication however comes in that Russia, a strong ally of Cyprus, is already Europe’s largest supplier of natural gas; and neither Russia nor the European Union are willing to give up their “pawn” in an ongoing energy struggle.

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Why Shale Will Not Solve Peak Oil: Dave Summers Interview

Date: 19 March 2013

This where we stand, and it's a fairly bleak view: Peak oil is almost here, and nothing new (with the possible but unlikely exception of Iraq) is coming online anytime soon and while the clock is ticking – forward movement on developing renewable energy resources has been sadly inadequate. In the meantime, the idea that shale reservoirs will lead the U.S. to energy independence will soon enough be recognized as unrealistic hype. There are no easy solutions, no viable quick fixes, and no magic fluids. 

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Russia’s Return To The Middle East: Rebirth Of A Superpower?

Date: 6 March 2013

The collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s saw Russian embark on a strategic retreat from the Middle East, with a dramatic decline in both its presence and influence. But recent events, particularly in Syria and Libya, suggest that Russia may be regaining its past standing – not just in the region, but also as a major global player.

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Junior Oil Companies: Making It Big In Canada? – Aroway Energy Interview

Date: 25 February 2013

Junior oil companies may not have the reach, nor the resources, of major oil firms, yet some still manage to turn up massive profits – thanks to the economic principle that the management of small oil & gas properties are run more efficiently and profitably by small companies. In Canada, the junior oil & gas sector is thriving, particularly as more companies turn away from risky overseas venture and plant their feet firmly in homeland soil.

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Can Space-Inspired Pipeline Leak Detection Technology Save The Oil Industry?

Date: 13 February 2013

Growing environmental concerns has meant that oil and gas pipelines are no longer being built as rapidly as they used to be. A new remote-sensing technology, with research beginning in space, however aims to detect dangerous leaks in pipelines quickly and efficiently. The clincher: This technology is not only affordable; it saves money and could eventually save the industry.

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Turkey: The Big Winner In The Mediterranean Shale Game?

Date: 31 January 2013

The Mediterranean has joined the shale game, but as most of Europe's Mediterranean countries drag their feet, all eyes are on Israel, Turkey, and Algeria. For Israel, it will be a slow road without the majors. For Algeria, it's full speed ahead, in theory—but the foreign interest is just dabbling for now due to a lack of shale infrastructure. For Turkey, the situation is more promising thanks to a renewed interest by the majors and a near-perfect blend of good governance and attractive fiscals.

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Kenya’s Oil: The Hottest Energy Prospect In Africa?

Date: 24 January 2013

Kenya has become the hottest oil and gas venue in East Africa since big discoveries were made in the country's virgin oilfields last April. All eyes are on Kenya in 2013 to see how quickly – and economically they can develop those discoveries into production.

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America’s Energy Boom & Its Impact On The Global Economy – James Kwak Interview

Date: 14 January 2013

As we begin a new year we wanted to take a look at the current energy landscape and see what the future holds for the global economy, America's oil and gas boom, whether renewables will continue to be a favourite amongst investors and whether we should be focusing more attention on conservation and energy efficiency rather than our continuous effort to increase supply. 

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Why Even The Shale Boom May Not Prevent $200 Oil - Interview With Chris Martenson

Date: 2 January 2013

Despite booming oil production in North America on the back of the shale revolution, many industry forecasts still expect oil prices to remain above $100 a barrel in 2013 – the third consecutive year that oil prices have gone above the triple digit mark. And with the world economy still struggling to recover from numerous crises, any geopolitical difficulty, particularly in West Africa or the Middle East, may easily cause the price of oil to double – with dire effects on the struggling world financial system.

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The Five Most Promising Oil & Gas Plays In 2012

Date: 24 December 2012

2012 has been a stellar year for oil and gas. From East Africa to North America, new technology, major new discoveries, an unparalleled appetite for exploration and a metamorphosing perception of risk have changed the playing field. We're looking at potential rather than existing production, and here are our Top 5 picks for this year:

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The Shale Boom: Separating The Hype From Reality – Interview With Michael Levi

Date: 12 December 2012

There’s been plenty of talk about potentially radical US foreign policy changes as a result of the shale boom. While one shouldn’t expect any dramatic US foreign policy move away from the Middle East, factors are influencing a greater focus on Asia. Only one thing is certain in this transforming world: The shale boom is real and the implications are many and difficult to predict.

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A Powerless America?

Date: 3 December 2012

As Washington hunts ill-defined al-Qaeda groups in the Middle East and Africa, and concerns itself with Iran's eventual nuclear potential, it has a much more pressing problem at home: Its energy grid is vulnerable to anyone with basic weapons and know-how.

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Why Shale Gas Will Be The Next Bubble To Burst: Interview With Arthur Berman

Date: 22 November 2012

The "shale revolution" has been grabbing a great deal of headlines for some time now. A favourite topic of investors, sector commentators and analysts – many claim we are about to enter a new energy era with cheap and abundant shale gas leading the charge. But on closer examination the incredible claims and figures behind many of the plays just don't add up. 

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High-Risk Investing Is The New Trend In Energy: Interview With Andrew McCarthy

Date: 14 November 2012

Historically, energy companies have been less than keen to invest in areas such as Sudan, Iraq and Yemen – where political and social instability down the years often spelled danger for both infrastructure and personnel. Today however, with political risk no longer limited to just developing countries, more and more energy companies, particularly the junior oil and gas companies, are venturing into Africa and the Middle East – creating an opportunity for risk comparison with so-called “safer investments”.

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