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August 20, 2009UK Credit Cardsby EconomyWatch


With round the clock access to your account, the RBS credit card online payment facility makes your banking experience more convenient than before.

RBS Credit Card Payment Online: Setting up an Account

To set up an account for making payments of credit card bills online, a customer has to follow three simple steps:

  • Select the tab titled "Pay Bill" in the navigation bar at the top.
  • Click the "Add a New Payment Account" link.
  • This will take you to the "Add a Payment Account" screen. Here you will need to provide information, such as payment account name, account number, routing number and name. Press the Submit button. You will be transferred to the "Make a Payment" screen.

Making RBS Credit Card Payment Online

Step 1

When you have reached the "Make a Payment" screen, select:

  • the account from which you would like to pay
  • the amount you want to pay
  • the date of payment

There are two options for the date of payment – “Today” and “Other.” The "Today" option will be valid only if the payment request is submitted by 1700 hours Eastern Time. Else, the system will ask you to change the date of payment to the next business day.

If a customer wants to choose a date other than the current date, he should press the "Other" button. Then, customers can fill in the date on which they want to make the payment.

Step 2

Every time you make an online payment, a confirmation message will be sent to you. The records of the payment will get added to the online payment history displayed at the bottom of the screen. Apart from that, one can receive a confirmation on an e-mail address designated by you. The online payment will appear as a credit on your monthly statement of credit card billing. 

RBS Credit Card Payment Online: Time Taken For Processing

If a payment request is received before 1700 hours Eastern Time on a business day, the submission to your bank will take place within two business days. A payment request received after 1700 hours will be processed within three business days. RBS business days exclude weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and holidays.

Customers are allowed to make only one payment online per business day. The RBS website is completely secure and also allows you to view the latest transactions, check available credit and download previous statements.

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