Pokemon Trading Card

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The Pokemon Trading Card come in a pack of cards. It is based on the Pokemon Video Series. The series was first launched in Japan in October 1996 followed by North America in 1998.

The game revolves around the Pokemon fights.Each Pokemon card is equipped with hit and attack nodes. An opponent can defeat by striking the equal hit nodes.

Inorder to win a battle an indiviual has to fulfill the following criteria:

  • There are six prize cards. Every time an opponent defeats the other he/she is entitled to one prize card.
  • If the last Pokemon is knocked out and there are no more Pokemon left to fight the remaining battle, the game is said to be won by the other who still has Pokemon to fight for him.
  • Lastly, a fighter has to take the Pokemon card from the top of the pack of the cards initially. If there are no cards left he is said to have lost.But this rarely happens.

There are five types of cards.

They are:

  • Pokemon Card .
  • Energy cards.
  • Trainer cards.
  • Supporter cards
  • Stadium cards.

Of the seventeen types of pokemon only nine exist now.

Each type of pokemon usually follow this pattern

  • colourless ---gray or white---normal, flying, dragon.
  • Darkness---black---dark
  • fighting---tan or brown---fighting, rock, ground
  • fire---red---fire
  • grass---green---grass, bug, poison.
  • lightning---yellow---electric
  • metal---silver or gray---steel
  • psychic---purple ---psychic, ghost, poison.
  • water---blue.---water, ice.

Pokemon trading card has the following deck types:

The Pokemon cards form the basis of all cards. Without the Pokemon card s a player cannot proceed wih the game.

  • A full deck : contains six prize cards, contain all sixty pokemon cards .
  • Limited decks : contains forty pokemon trading card instead of the normal sixty pokemon cards .
  • A half deck : contains only thirty pokemon cards and lays out three prizes in the beginning of the game.

There are presently thirty two pokemon trading card sets in the English version..

These sets vary in size ranging from Fossils with only sixty one cards to Aquapolis and Skyridge . Both these pokemon trading card are the largest having one eighty two normal cards, have one eighty two reverse foil cards and four box toppers containing three hundred and sixty eight cards each.

Out of these only ten sets excluding Deoxys and the subsequent sets are considered legal in the present format and it is only under these sets that all important and prominent games are played.

Pokemon trading card laboratory located in Japan is the authorized center of handling the pokemon cards . They have the authority to change game rules, change text on the card after publishing.

Pokemon trading card laboratory in Japan design their own game. They also design their own cards.

As a huge number of pokemon cards are imported from Japan, there are many players who use the Japanese version instead of the English version.

Due to the constant upgradation, orientation and introduction of new sets of pokemon cards , at regular intervals the pokemon trading card is in a continuous process of evolution.

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