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Truck Drivers: Paying Up for Safety

The evidence is that if you ensure that people travel safely in terms of safe rates you will get proper outcomes … you will get improved safety. – Shadow Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Anthony Albanese, speaking on RN Breakfast, April 11, 2016.

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The Happiest Place on Earth Expands to China

As Hong Kong’s Disneyland is suffering from losses, Tokyo Disneyland is expanding by debt. Shanghai’s Disneyland is the new regional trendsetter. In 2014, the worldwide attendance growth in the top-10 theme park groups exceeded 5 percent. These conglomerates – including Disney, Merlin, and Universal – had more than 392 million visitors.

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All European Trash is not Treated Equally

The end of Beirut’s eight-month garbage crisis may be in sight, now that trucks have begun removing the piles of rubbish accumulating in the streets to temporary landfill sites. The problems began when the city’s main landfill site was closed last July, after local residents protested that it was at capacity.

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British Steel: Tata For Now

It is ironic that Tata Steel has come to dominate the discussion surrounding the future of the British steel industry. In the hay days of Empire, the steel industry in Britain fought tooth and nail to stop the formation of Tata Steel in India because they feared it would damage their lucrative rail market in the country.

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Brain Drain Bites Northeast Asia

Competition for global talent is growing, especially among advanced countries. With the rise of the knowledge economy, countries and companies are actively seeking to attract talent from around the world. In leading companies such as Google and Apple, one can easily find engineers from countries such as China and India. Top talent has become increasingly mobile.

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Which Companies Will Weather the Oil Price Storm

Some analysts are still bullish on crude oil prices, expecting them to quickly rebound and sustain at US$50 per barrel, a threshold above which many pundits assume oil producers may survive. However, are these expectations realistic? In addition, what do they mean for US oil producers?

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To Catch a White-Collar Thief via the Internet

The increasing use of the internet in recent years has caught the fancy of consumers and producers, in commodities, services, and leisure activities. The wide prevalence of wireless internet access and the portability of devices such as smartphones and tablets have increased access and diffusion of related services and products as possibly no other technology in history.

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Is the Customer Really Always Right?

Customer focus is an enduring and fundamental principle of business. The logic goes that success will follow if you identify and solve customer problems, use them to build new products or services, and create strong relationships. However, the truth is that customers can be a dreadful guide, and new technology means it is an idea that may have had its day.

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Is the Oil Rally Over?

Oil prices have climbed by about 50 percent from their February lows, topping $40 per barrel. However, the rally could be reaching its limits, at least temporarily, as persistent oversupply and the prospect of new shale production caps any potential price increase.

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Journalism Fights Back Against the '0s and 1s'

On Saturday, March 26, the Independent will publish its last edition in print. The Independent on Sunday sold for the last time on March 20. The distinctive El Pais of Madrid has announced that it will take “a step from paper to digital”. The Guardian with a huge online readership, shrinking print sales and sizeable losses plans to shed 250 jobs, of which 100 will be journalists.

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Oil's Inventory Problem

Oil prices have shown signs of life over the past few weeks, as production declines in the U.S. raise expectations that the market is starting to adjust. As a result, Brent crude recently surpassed $40 per barrel for the first time in months.

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