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The Prepaid MasterCard can be preloaded with the desired amount to make purchases. MasterCard offers prepaid cards in association with its partnering financial institutions. This card comes with all the exclusive MasterCard features, such as zero liability, online transactions ability, online account information and global acceptance.

Prepaid MasterCard Cards: Types

The Prepaid MasterCard comes in three variants:

  • The general purpose card: This card can be used just like a debit card for making purchases at retail stores or online.


  • Gift cards: One can gift the added convenience of purchases through the prepaid MasterCard. Product designs for gift cards can be customized according to the occasion.


  • Travel cards: It offers superior advantages against cash while traveling. A prepaid MasterCard travel card also offers benefits such as lost luggage insurance and quick card replacement facility.

Prepaid MasterCard: MasterCard rePower

MasterCard rePower is a facility that allows an individual to reload his or her prepaid MasterCard card through any participating retailer worldwide. This facility offers great flexibility if a prepaid MasterCard user runs out of money while making purchases.

The process of reloading the prepaid MasterCard involves visiting the nearest participating retailer. Some retailers load the card using the swipe technique. In such a case, one has to pay for the amount s/he wants to be reloaded in the card. The retailer will simply swipe the card and the prepaid MasterCard is ready for purchase again. However, some retailers may use other transaction methods, such as Green Dot Money Pack, to reload the prepaid card. At such locations, a MasterCard user has to buy coupons or vouchers equivalent to the amount that s/he wants to load. The next step is to follow simple instructions to reload the amount into the prepaid MasterCard.

The MasterCard rePower facility is available to eligible prepaid MasterCard cards. To know whether your prepaid card has this facility, look for the MasterCard rePower logo on the back of the card. One can visit the MasterCard website to find the nearest participating retailers for MasterCard rePower.

Prepaid MasterCard: Tips to Remember

Here are some important tips for prepaid MasterCard users:

  • All MasterCard prepaid cards require activation. So if you gift a card to someone, remind him or her to activate the card. One can simply call MasterCard customer care services and follow simple instructions for activation. Also, remember to sign the black signature strip before using the card.
  • Always make sure that you know the prepaid card balance before making a purchase. Many retailers will not be able to provide this information. One can get account details and purchase history through the internet or over the phone from the customer care center.
  • Make a note of the prepaid MasterCard account number and keep it in a safe place. You will need to confirm the account number if the card is stolen or lost.
  • Preserve the prepaid MasterCard even if you don’t want to use it anymore. An individual may be required to present the card in case of a fraud.

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