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What is Guerrilla Marketing?

Traditional marketing normally involves buying media within which to place advertisements.

Guerilla marketing is all about doing unusual things that generate buzz, that then spread virally amongst the target audience, and that are ideally picked up by journalists and reported in the mainstream media.

Guerilla marketing often involves events or public activities that are bizarre or surprising.

Since the idea is to generate publicity, Guerilla marketing has become closely linked to Public Relations or PR.

Since it is inherently social, and since much social networking today happens online, Guerilla marketing has also become closely associated with social media, and in particular user-generated content (or what appears to be user-generated by has actually been made by a marketer) and viral marketing.


Public Relations, Social Media and Guerrilla Marketing

Even without the internet, Public Relations (PR) has been growing in importance as a marketing channel. Guerrilla Marketing has furthered the trend, but Social Media has put a new kind of PR at the heart of the customer experience – and possibly at the heart of the next generation of marketing.

Creating a Guerilla Marketing or Viral Marketing Campaign


  • What product/ service do you want them to be made aware of? 
  • Who is your target audience? 
  • Where do they go online, or where do they go for information, or to shop, or to hang out?
  • Who influences their purchasing decisions? 
  • What background information might they read about if they are doing research about your category? 
  • What free resources do you have - time, contacts, communities etc?
  • What are wierd/ unusual product or customer attributes that you can use to do something completely different to what you or your competitors have done before

Metrics: Effective Value of PR

The Question:

How effective have my PR efforts been?


Try to quantify PR value as if it were media


Being mentioned in the traditional press is not the same as a media buy. If it is done right it can ve vastly more influential, but how to measure it? A simple approach is to look at number of media citations, and correspond them to the cost of buying equivalent media.

The Formula:

Effective Value ($) = Number of Metions (#) * Avg Equiv. Media Value ($)

Metrics: Buzz Metrics

The Question:

How many people are talking about me online, and is it good?


Measure mentions & conversions online, and seek to infer if the comments are positive or negative


An emerging field that attempts to analyze comments and conversations on forums, blogs, social networks etc, to spot positive and negative mentions. Now a service owned by Nielsen

The Formula:

Mentions (%) = Brand Mentions (#)/ Total Category Mentions (#)

Positive Mentions (%) = Positive Mentions (#)/ Brand Mentions (#)

Metrics: Exposure – Engagement – Influence – Action

The Question:

What is the sum total of PR activity, both offline and online?


Measure all the way from exposure (metions) to actions


This is a new model that has been proposed to help unify metrics for traditional journalist –based PR and the new world of social media PR. The idea is to measure all the way from exposure or mentions to actions consumers take, but to build this is a challenge.

The Formula:

Exposure = Mentions, Visits, Net Positie Comments

Engagment = Time Spent, Message Recall & Retention

Influence = Change in Awareness, Purchase Consideration

Action = Purchase, Lead Generation, Sign Up





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