World Money Market

November 23, 2010Money Marketby EconomyWatch



The World Money Market contributes in the origination, trading and the distribution of short-term debt instruments to a wide client base that exist across different countries.

The following are the list of products that the world money market offers. Treasury Bills
Federally Guaranteed Agency Debt
Provincial Debt Securities
Bankers Acceptances
Corporate and Asset Backed Commercial Paper
Medium Term and Floating rate Notes
REPO rate Agreements
Certificates of Deposit
Auction Rate Securities

The short-term debt instruments are distributed to the investors like large institutional clients, small businesses and retail accounts. The money market sales team undertakes this distribution.

The World Money Market Trading Specialists have the expertise as well as experience to provide innovative structuring of then transactions in compliance with the individual needs of the different clients.

One may browse through the following links for an in depth analysis of the different world money markets.


To detail about the world money market the websites that need to be visited are,, etc.

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