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October 6, 2010Malaysia Credit Cardsby EconomyWatch


Public Bank Credit Card Malaysia is issued by Public Bank, which was founded in 1966 and is currently the biggest domestic bank in Malaysia in terms of shareholders’ funds. With a mission 'to sustain the position of being the most efficient, profitable and respected premier financial institution in Malaysia,' Public Bank also operates outside Malaysia, in countries such as China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Laos.

Public Bank has won many awards and recognition over the past few years, such as:

  • Retail Bank of The Year - Malaysia 2009 Award By Asia Banking & Finance
  • Best Emerging Market Bank in Malaysia 2009 by Global Finance
  • Best Asian Bank 2008 by FinanceAsia

Public Bank Malaysia Credit Cards

Public Bank credit cards offer several privileges and prestigious offers to customers. They offer services such as 24-hour customer care, insurance rebates, supplementary cards and Global Floral Service (send a Bouquet/gift to anyone while traveling abroad). Some of the most popular Public Bank Credit Cards are:

PB Visa Classic

  • Cash back of 0.60% for every Malaysian ringgit (RM) spent for purchases.
  • Free automatic travel insurance of RM350,000, if the entire travel arrangements are charged to the card.
  • Claim for inconvenience arising from flight delays, trip cancellations, luggage loss and delay.

PB Visa Platinum

Cash back of up to 0.90% or up to 5 points for every Malaysian ringgit spent and loyalty points

  • Airline Miles Redemption
  • Personalized Travel Services
  • Travel Insurance
  • Exclusive Dining Offers
  • 24-hour Platinum Priority Line
  • 24-hour Concierge Services

PB Gold MasterCard

  • Cash back of 0.70% for every Malaysian ringgit spent on purchases
  • Emergency assistance services, such as medical monitoring, emergency message transmittal, pre-trip information, lost luggage and ticket replacement assistance while traveling abroad.
  • Free Automatic Travel Insurance of RM1 million
  • Cardholders can open a current account without any introducer at any branch

PB ING Credit MasterCard PayPass Card

  • Cash back of 0.60% for every Malaysian ringgit spent on purchases, excluding casino and petrol transactions, balance transfer, cash advances, government related payments and utility bills payment through, telebanking and ATM.
  • 2% cash back in cash for every Malaysian ringgit charged for ING insurance premiums.
  • Free Automatic Travel Insurance of RM300,000
‘Public Bank’ is a trademark of Public Bank Berhad, who can be found at

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