Part Time Jobs in Banking

September 30, 2009Banking & Finance Jobsby EconomyWatch


Part time bank jobs are ideal for finance students who aspire to enter into the banking industry in different capacities. Such jobs provide the opportunity to receive in-house training. The salary and perks of part-time bank jobs varies among different organizations.

Types of Part Time Bank Roles

Individuals can search for the following part time bank jobs:

  • Teller: The work profile includes receiving deposits, in the form of cash or check, and rendering payouts. A teller has to maintain a log sheet of all the balances during his or her working shift. S/he also guides customers in performing routine banking activities following the proper procedures.
  • Tele-banker: A tele-banker establishes communication with the clients through telephone calls. S/he answers client queries and informs customers of the various banking products, services or special offers. A tele-banker guides callers through bank procedures and asks them for feedback to improve the banking experience.
  • Sales executives: Banks hire part-time sales executives for products such as credit card, insurance and retirement solutions. While sales agents have to meet customers and develop new business, senior sales executives deal with customers who visit the branch office.
  • Customer care executives: They assist customers with banking operations such as cash advance, account opening, certificates of deposit (CDs), drafts, loans and credit cards.

An individual can search through various resources to seek part time bank jobs. Some of the major resources are:

  • Placement agencies or employment agents
  • Local newspapers
  • Online job sites
  • Banks’ own websites
  • Employment blogs or forums

Benefits of Part Time Bank Jobs

Part-time bank jobs offer several benefits, apart from earnings:

  • Flexibility to devote time for other activities such as higher education, family or creative arts.
  • Opportunity to experience the industry work culture.
  • Work with big brands while pursuing higher education.
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the banking process, laws and business model.
  • Opportunity to convert a part-time job into full-time employment.

Banks impose strict eligibility criteria for part time jobs. However, it is much easier to find part-time bank jobs than full-time employment.



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