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November 23, 2010Investingby EconomyWatch


A retirement calculator is a device that helps to project the exact amount that an investor has to save as well as the duration to do so in order to provide for a specific level of retirement expenditure. Some retirement calculators consider a constant rate of return. This is an appropriate tool for safe investments. Other retirement calculators consider volatility and decide whether a particular plan of saving and investing for retirement will outlast the retiree’s expenditure.


Factors considered by a Retirement Calculator

The retirement calculator takes into account a number of factors while calculating the amount that an individual needs to save. This includes the present age of the individual, his/her planned retirement age, life expectancy, present retirement savings, annual/monthly retirement saving, average investment return and inflation rate. Retirement calculators consider different factors such as social security, taxes, pensions and other sources of income at the time of retirement and arrive at the saving/investment figure accordingly.


Benefits of Retirement Calculators

Individuals can derive a number of benefits from retirement calculators. This includes:

  • Future projections: People can compute as well as predict their estimated savings and the amount required amount to save in order to attain their retirement goals.
  • Asset Performance Analysis: Retirement calculators offer various interactive features, creating an analytical and comprehensive approach to determine individual retirement requirements.
  • Provides realistic projections: Retirement calculators seek to offer a balanced view of the long-term saving and investing requirements needed to provide for a comfortable retirement.
  • More than just a calculator: Retirement calculators provide a graphical representation of analysis and results. So, it gives a clearer picture with the help of detailed visual presentations.


Limitations of Retirement Calculators

Here are some limitations to consider:

  • Calculations made by retirement calculators are based on a number of assumptions made with limited input. That is why its net results should be used only as a form of guidance and not as expert advice.
  • Retirement calculators mostly consider only the gross income before taxes and it neglects any tax amount required to be paid after retirement.
  • Retirement calculators do not properly cover Social Security received by individuals.


How to get a Retirement Calculator?

Numerous online retirement calculators can be found on the Internet. Some of the widely used retirement calculator sites include:

  • New Retirement
  • Social Security Benefit Calculator
  • AARP Retirement Planning Calculator
  • MSN Money Retirement Calculator
  • CNN Money Retirement Planning
  • US Department of Labor (DOL)

So, planning for expenses becomes hassle free and simplified by using a reliable retirement calculator.

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