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May 25, 2010Maryland Insuranceby EconomyWatch


Are you looking for information about Maryland insurance and are unsure where to go?  If so, we strongly recommend you visit the website of the Maryland Insurance Administration, also referred to as MIA.  This government agency has a very important responsibility to consumers, as well as insurance professionals by regulating the insurance industry as a whole in this state.  That means all regulations are monitored and enforced, which protects consumers by making sure agencies and companies selling Maryland insurance are in accordance with the laws.

Although the number one responsibility of MIA is to enforce regulations for Maryland insurance, the professional staff is 100% dedicated to providing professional and efficient services to the residents of Maryland, as well as all insurance professionals.  By being strict about insurance licensing and providing consumers with a means of filing a complaint or researching an insurance agent or company, Maryland insurance is a much more organized and efficient system than you would see in other states.

Although most professionals that sell Maryland insurance are honest, hard-working, and committed to providing the best and most affordable policy possible to customers, a few agencies and companies that are not working on the consumer’s behalf.  This is the primary reason MIA is so valuable because they make sure that everyone is provided with insurance coverage but at a fair price.  They also handle issues pertaining to solvency, consumer complaints, settlement practices, and much more.

Although this is the main function and focus of MIA, this organization provides more.  As an example, MIA wants to help increase the public’s awareness of Maryland insurance through education.  With this, people who need insurance cover, regardless of the type or amount, would be making important decisions from a position of knowledge.  Just imagine wanting to purchase life insurance but having no idea of what it covers or what you need.  Instead of walking into a company that sells Maryland insurance blindly, you would have the education to ask the right questions.

In a perfect world, no one would ever become ill, accidents would never happen, and no one would die but we do not live in a perfect world.  Therefore, whether you are a consumer wanting to purchase a Maryland insurance policy or a professional in the industry wanting to sell Maryland insurance, it is important to be realistic about risks associated with life.  Although insurance would not eliminate risks, it does offer protection to you but also your loved ones.

Take automobile Maryland insurance as an example.  Without protection, if you were in a non-life threatening accident that was your fault and someone in the other vehicle was injured, requiring a hospital stay and surgery, all expenses would fall back on you.  Obviously, a situation such as this could complete devastate your life.  Any savings for your children’s college would be gone, you could possibly lose your home, and ultimately, you would spend a long time paying for not having coverage.

Of course, Maryland insurance is mandated so if you did not have coverage, you would also be at risk from a legal standpoint.  The bottom line is that by taking the time to learn all you can about Maryland insurance the easier it would be to purchase the right policy.  With this, you would have the protection needed but also peace of mind, which is priceless.

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