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May 25, 2010Canada Insuranceby EconomyWatch


Canada liability insurance is useful for businessmen, employers or landlords who want to offer compensatory benefits to customers, employees or tenants in case of any damage caused to the latter’s property. Canadian liability insurance applies in case of injuries as well. It also provides protection to individuals and companies against their legal obligations in case of third party claims that occur due to negligence.

Who can be Parties to Canadian Liability Insurance?

The following persons can be parties to Canadian liability insurance:

  • The insurer i.e. the insurance company is the first party
  • The insured i.e. the owner is second party
  • The claimant is the third party
  • Who will File the Canada Liability Claim?

    The name insured will file the claim by partially filling in the claim form. The rest will be filled in by the third party. Before taking a decision on whether to reject or accept the claim, the insurance adjuster may consider interviewing both the parties.

    Who Gets the Payment in Canada Liability Insurance?

    In Canada liability insurance, payment is made to the person who has suffered injury or property damage. The cause of such injury or damage is usually negligence on the part of insured.

    Which Types of Professions are Covered Under Canada Liability Insurance?

    Canada liability insurance provides the following types of protection to professionals in case any error or omission takes place incidentally or due to negligence in the course of rendering professional services:

  • Architects & Engineers Professional Liability
  • Accountants Professional Liability
  • Dentists Professional Liability
  • Commercial Liability Umbrella (Applicable to businesses that require liability insurance spanning $1 million or more)
  • Employment Practices Liability (EPLI) (Applicable in case an employee of a business owner files a suit against the latter alleging unfair termination, bias or harassment)
  • Miscellaneous Errors & Omissions Liability (Customers are protected from any suits filed against them due to their negligence. Legal defense costs are also included)
  • Not-For-Profit Directors & Officers with Employment Practices Liability
  • Technology Services Errors & Omissions Liability (Businesses that offer technology services to their customers are provided protection.)
  • Tenant's Legal Liability (TLL)
  • Landlords Liability Insurance
  • Just as you would do for a major purchase, it is important to do complete research about the insurance company before purchasing a policy.

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