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May 25, 2010France Insuranceby EconomyWatch


In France the insurance industry is not the exact same as it is in other parts of the world. For example, the Life and Property insurance in this country is a necessity for everyone. What is worth knowing is that the France insurance industry is considered to be one of the top in the European Union.

Regardless of what type of insurance product you are looking for in France you will be able to find it. In fact there are plenty of insurance products that can be purchased in France by a number of big insurance providers. Some of the most well known and biggest named insurance companies the world over can trace their roots back to France.

The regulatory body for insurance in France is the Insurance Commissioner Commission de controle des Assurances. This is another way of saying that it is the France Insurance Company that heads all of the others beneath it.

In France it is law to have certain types of insurance. You must have insurance coverage to drive a vehicle on the road (known as assurance automobile) and you also must insure your home regardless of whether you rent or own (assurance pour la maison or assurance d’habitation). You must have the insurance policy in hand before you move in. This policy will protect you from damages that occur to your home. These include such things as water damage or fire. It will also cover any damages that your home may cause to someone else’s. The majority of these policies are comprehensive in nature which means that you are also insured against theft (known in France as assurance multirisques habitation).

Two other types of insurance that are deemed requirements in France include insurance for civil liability (assurance responsabilite civile) and insurance for children that are of school-age. The latter type of insurance is called assurance scolaire in France.

List of Insurance Companies in France

Here are some of the major insurance companies in France based on their gross written premiums:

Life Insurance Companies:

•    CNP Insurance
•    AXA Insurance
•    BNP Insurance
•    AGF Insurance
•    ACM Insurance
•    AVIVA France Insurance

Non-Life Insurance Companies:

•    AXA Insurance
•    AGF Allianz Insurance
•    Generali Insurance
•    MACIF Insurance
•    AZUR GMF Insurance
•    MAIF Insurance
•    MAAF Insurance
•    ACIVI Insurance

If you plan to move to France or if you will not be moving there but staying there for a length of time then becoming familiar with how their insurance works is essential. Take the time to browse the Internet for much needed information at your fingertips.

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