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May 25, 2010Florida Insuranceby EconomyWatch


The Florida Department of Insurance is responsible for regulating and reforming the insurance market in the state. It controls the procedures pertaining to the general insurance industry.

Florida Department of Insurance: Business Units

The Florida Department of Insurance has multiple units to carry out its operations. These include:

  • Business Development: It facilitates operations of new companies in the insurance market. Its prime responsibility is to identify growth prospects in the Florida general insurance market and encourage new companies to venture into it.
  • Company Admission: This section of the Florida Department of Insurance grants approval to a new company to commence operations in the state.
  • Legal Services: It offers legal advice on issues pending in the court. It counsels the Florida Department of Insurance on litigations, federal hearings and insurance laws.
  • Legislative Affairs: It is responsible for the development and communication of legislative and budget priorities.
  • Life and Health Financial Oversight: This department monitors the financial status of life and health insurance companies operating in Florida.
  • Life and Health Product Review: This division of the Florida Department of Insurance reviews insurance applications from the residents of the state.
  • Market Investigations: It ensures that insurance companies operating in Florida are adhering to state laws on insurance.
  • Market Research and Technology: This division is responsible for the collection, selection, analysis, validation and publication of data related to the insurance industry in Florida.
  • Property and Casualty Product Review: This department reviews and rates property and casualty filings.

  • Florida Department of Insurance: Customer Oriented Services

    The Florida Department of Insurance is committed to the citizens of the state to provide high-quality insurance services. It promotes the understanding of insurance policies among citizens. The department offers online consumer guides to help customers in identifying their insurance needs.

    The department maintains a database of all the insurance companies, along with their business profile. Through the department’s online resources, one can compare policies from different companies. It supports customers in buying an affordable insurance policy from a credible company.

    The Florida Department of Insurance also vindicates consumer grievances. A resident of Florida can lodge a complaint against the unlawful conduct of an insurance provider. The Florida Department of Insurance also takes appropriate measures to protect people from insurance frauds.

    Thus, efficient working of the department ensures the growth of the insurance sector and benefits to the residents of Florida.

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