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May 25, 2010Oregon Insuranceby EconomyWatch


Farmers Insurance Oregon is part of Farmers Insurance Group which is working in the state of Oregon in USA. It has been working in a very professional manner in that area with all its employees, agents, associated professionals and online services working round the clock. Easy access and high quality service has created a special niche for Farmers Insurance Oregon. Another reason behind the success story of the group of companies is provision of customized products and the associated discounts of lucrative nature. These factors have allured more and more customers into its fold. The farmers insurance group is the third largest provider of auto and home insurance policies in the entire United States Of America. This feet has not been reached by the company in a day but has to go through all types of rough and good weathers in the last eight decades.

Farmers Group of Companies, the mother concern of Farmers Insurance Oregon, started its function from the year 1928, almost after one year the founders of the company, Mr. John Tyler and Mr. Thomas Leavey, got the idea of launching a insurance company for a viable business venture. Their philosophy of profit-making was initiated by a simple observation about the automobile riders in both the big and small towns from their very childhood days as they were born and brought up in the country sides of USA. According to their observation, people in the country sides drove their vehicles in a slow pace and hence were less subjected to accidents. But the urban vehicle drivers on the other hand were more adventurous with their automobiles and are consequently more prone to accidental damages/losses/deaths. So, these entrepreneurs perceived that the rural or small town automobile drivers are a very good proposition in terms of profit maximization. The reason behind such thinking is that the slow driving of the rural or small town drivers pose them with lesser risk of damages. This phenomenon would lead to lesser claims from them. Hence they had started their work by writing majority of their auto insurances for the automobile owners with their eye set on the small city or rural vehicle owners.

With time the Farmer Insurance Group has matured a lot by keeping pace with the changing needs of the customers. The services offered by Farmer Insurance Group are very professional and dynamic. These products and services were forwarded to the customers via registered agents and employees of the company who are regularly trained and educated by the Farmers Insurance Oregon with latest updates of the insurance market and the changing scenario of the same. This regular training and proper education helps the agents to properly understand about the specific needs of the customers and accordingly provide customized advices and policies to the customers. In addition, the company also helps its clients in developing their business through financial assistance and also through supplying subsidized brochures and leave behinds required for sales and marketing purposes. The company gets the competitive edge over its competitors through the use of cutting-edge technologies. This latest technology with the agents facilitates them to provide product and service to its clients right at the point of sale.

In addition to this, the Farmers Insurance Oregon helps its agents with all the marketing and sales related supports through regular advertisement of the company on the leading channels of the television and radio. It helps the agents to sell the products and policies to the customers of an already established brand. Agents of Farmers Insurance Oregon get all possible financial support from their company in advertising their presence in the locality. The agents also receive business cards and the stationaries required by them at a subsidized price. The tools required by the agents for selling the products including leave-behinds and brochures are not charged by the Farmers Insurance Oregon and are supplied free of cost.

Farmers Insurance Oregon is offering Farmers Next Generation Homeowners plan where it gives ample flexibility to the home owner customers in choosing their desirable coverage options. These come along with discount incentives which in a way increases the purchasing power of the customer.

Another discount option is offered to those auto policy holders who are new parents. The individuals whose child have age within 6 years are entitled to such discounts. Another type of discount is also given to the individuals who have multiple number of insurance policies from the farmers group. This plan is known as Multiple Lines Discount. If a person holds insurance policies of automobiles, home and life issued by Farmers Insurance Oregon then he is entitled to receive a discount amounting to 15% on his/her auto insurance and 14% on his/her home insurance.

Farmers Insurance Oregon also offers a host of other associated discount plans in different insurance policies. In case of the auto insurance, the discounts include Y.E.S (Youth Education and Safety), ETF (Electronic Transfer Funds), Farmers and Ranchers Occupational, passive restraint, senior defensive driver, anti-lock brakes, etc. The Farmers Next Generation Homeowners also have a host of associated discounts namely, interior inspection discount, new home, age of more than fifty years, home renovation protective devices, etc.

If you want more information on Farmers Insurance Oregon then please browse through farmers.com.

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