Hartford Insurance

May 25, 2010by EconomyWatch


Hartford Insurance, a Fortune 100 company, is one of the largest insurance and investment companies in the USA. With a stag as its emblem, The Hartford has spread its business all across the globe from Canada to the United Kingdom, Ireland, Brazil and Japan. The Hartford Financial Services Group has been functioning since 1810 as a service provider of insurance and investment services, for individuals and groups.

Hartford Insurance is renowned for its superior insurance plans, which give coverage for life, property, casualty, automobiles homeowners’ products and business property. The solutions offered by the company include Cost Of Living Adjustment (COLA), spouse coverage, business overhead option for business owners, disability income protection and personal accident options. The plans give various choices in terms of coverage amount, duration of benefit and waiting period.

History of Hartford Insurance

Founded in 1810 in Hartford, USA, The Hartford stepped into the insurance sector in 1913. The Hartford Accident and Indemnity Company started with providing insurance for things such as accident casualties, automobile liability, personal damage and business interruption. In 1959, the company came out with its first life insurance policy. In the largest takeover in the history of the US, ITT took over The Hartford in 1979 for $1.4 billion and the two together came to be known as ITT-Hartford Group, Inc. In 1995, Hartford once again became an independent entity, as it let go of some of its subsidiary units. The Hartford then began to function on the New York Stock Exchange under the HIG ticker, which was changed in 1997 to HLI.

Hartford Insurance and Community Service

Hartford Insurance Company is impressively involved in many philanthropic activities through its contributions to the community, both monetarily and in terms of increasing awareness among the people. It offers various scholarship programs for college students, internship opportunities for graduates and undergrads, as well as funds to city schools for the betterment of its students. The Wounded Warrior Project was started by The Hartford in 2007 to provide aid for those injured in the service of the nation. The company also has developed programs for the welfare of children and older citizens. The Junior Fire Marshall program teaches children, as young as those in kindergarten, to be ‘fire safe’. For the older citizens, The Hartford, along with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has developed a website and brochures offering help on Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

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