Private Companies in Indian Fertilizer Market

April 29, 2010Fertilizer Industryby EconomyWatch


A number of private companies in the Indian fertilizer market are engaged in production of the agro-input. Most of the companies also engage in exporting fertilizers in the global market, earning foreign capital from the business. The country stands at the third position among the largest producers of the product in the world. India is also ranks among the highest consumers of fertilizers.

The euphoric growth in the business has also facilitated the agricultural industry of India, which is dependent for its optimization on the fertilizer industry.

Phosphatic and nitrogenous fertilizers such as urea, single super phosphate and ammonium are produced by the companies in India. Complex fertilizers such as di-ammonium phosphate are also domestically produced. However, lack of indigenous reserves of potash does not support the production of potassic fertilizers in the country. The nitrogenous fertilizer production capacity is higher in the public sector units while the private companies in the Indian fertilizer market have a larger capacity for the production of phosphatic fertilizers.

Private Companies Producing Fertilizer in India

Some of the private companies producing fertilizers in India are mentioned below:Khaitan Chemicals and Fertilizers Limited - This Company produces single super phosphate fertilizer and sulphuric acid. The fertilizer is manufactured in the granular form in this company. Khaitan Chemicals and Fertilizers Limited has its office in Indore.

Mangalore Chemicals - This is the only company in the state of Karnataka that is engaged in the manufacturing of chemicals and fertilizers. The plant has an annual turnover of more than Rs. 800 crore.

Nagarjuna Fertilizers - With their office at Hyderabad, this company is engaged in the production of fertilizers and agro-chemicals. It also engages other activities such as refining petroleum, finance and power.

Zauri Chambal - An undertaking of the K.K Birla Group, this company engages in the production of fertilizers such as urea, hybrid seeds, cement and chemicals. The company also provides engineering solutions and home finance. The company was established in collaboration with the US Steel Corporation. The company has established NPK plant, DAP plant, urea plant and ammonia plant in the country.

BEC Fertilizers - This Company is dedicated to the manufacture pf agro-inputs that will facilitate the agricultural sector. The company manufactures the product ANAND single super phosphate along with other micro-nutrients, plant hormones and chemicals for the protection of plants. The company has established its unit in Bilaspur, Uttar Pradesh.

Gujarat State Fertilizers &Chemicals Limited - This multiproduct company is dedicated to the production of fertilizers such as ammonium sulphate, urea, DAP and NPK. It also produces water soluble fertilizers. Along with fertilizers, the company is engaged in the production of bio-fuels, bio-fertilizers, plant tissue culture and oleum.

DSCL - The primary business of this company based in North India is the manufacture of urea and other farm inputs such as DAP, chemicals and pesticides.

Some of the other private companies engaged in the production of fertilizers in India are listed below:
  • The Scientific Fertilizer Co Pvt Ltd
  • Coromandel Fertilizers
  • Deepak Fertilizers and Petrochemicals Corporation Limited
  • Apratim International
  • Aries AgroVet
  • Devidayal Agro Chemicals

    The production of nitrogenous fertilizer in the private sector has been increasing in the past few years. The private sector had only 13% share in the production in 1960-61. The private sector has always retained a higher share in the production of phosphatic fertilizer production.
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