Challenges before Indian IT Industry

April 29, 2010India IT Industryby EconomyWatch


At present there are a number of challenges that are facing the information technology industry of India. One of the major challenges for the Indian information technology industry was to keep maintaining its excellent performance standards.

The experts are however of the opinion that there are certain things that need to be done in order to make sure that India can maintain its status as one of the leading information technology destinations of the world. The first step that needs to be taken is to create an environment for innovation that could be carried for a long time.

The innovation needs to be done in three areas that are connected to the information technology industry of India such as business models, ecosystems and knowledge. The information technology sector of India also has to spread the range of its activities and also look at the opportunities in other countries.

The improvement however, also needs to be qualitative rather than just being quantitative. The skill level of the information technology professionals is one area that needs improvement and presents a considerable amount of challenge before the Indian information technology industry.

The Indian information technology industry also needs to co-ordinate with the academic circles as well as other industries in India for better performance and improved productivity. The experts are of the opinion that the business process outsourcing service providers in India need to change their operations to a way that is more oriented to the knowledge process outsourcing. One of the most important crises facing the Indian information technology industry concerns the human resources aspect. The problems with outsourcing in countries like the United States of America are posing problems for the Indian information technology industry as well.

In the recent times a bill has been passed in the state of New Jersey that allows only the citizens or legal non-Americans to be given contracts. This legislation has also affected some other states like Missouri, Connecticut, Wisconsin and Maryland. These states are also supposed to be considering these laws and their implementation. This is supposed to have an adverse effect on the outsourcing that is the source upon which the information technology industry of India thrives. The information technology professionals who aim at working in the country are also likely to be hindered by the legislation as a significant amount of these professionals have been going to work in the USA for a long time. <

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