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January 29, 2010India Credit Cardsby EconomyWatch Content


The ICICI Bank, the largest private bank in India, maintains a comprehensive Internet banking service, facilitating a myriad of online transactions, from fund transfer to online trading. The ICICI credit card payment online facility is widely recognized for its ease-of-use and security.

ICICI Credit Card Payment Online: Options

ICICI savings account holders can choose from the following convenient online payment options:

Auto Debit

Setting up automatic monthly direct debits from your ICICI bank account is an excellent option to avoid payment default and late fee. Besides, ICICI auto debit service offers cardholders the flexibility to choose from the following payment options:

  • Total monthly credit card due
  • Minimum monthly due

To register for ICICI auto debit facility online, login to ICICI Internet banking with your user-id and password. First time users can register for Internet banking and get a user ID by clicking on the ‘New User’ option. This option can be found on the login section on the extreme left of the ICICI home page.

Bill Pay Facility

This facility enables to transfer funds from your ICICI savings account towards the ICICI credit card account.

To register for Bill Pay facility:

  • Login to www.icicibank.com with the user ID and password. First time users can obtain a user ID (using the same steps mentioned above).
  • After logging in to ICICI Internet banking, proceed to the ‘Bill Pay section’ and register your ICICI credit card as a ‘biller.’

This registration is a one-time activity. Subsequent payments towards your ICICI credit card can be made by simply clicking on the biller on future logins. 

ICICI Credit Card Payment Online: For Non-ICICI Account Holders

Cardholders without an ICICI savings account can make online payments towards their ICICI credit cards using the ‘Click to Pay’ facility. This option is available on ‘My Convenience’ under the ‘Existing Credit Card’ section on the ICICI credit card web page. On selecting the ‘Click to Pay’ option, you have to choose your preferred non-HDFC bank from the drop-down menu and click on ‘Proceed.’

To complete the ICICI credit card payment online transaction through Click to Pay, be ready with your 16-digit ICICI credit card number with the preferred bank’s account number. First time users can seek assistance from an ICICI Bank customer care executive on the Bank’s 24 hour phone banking service for obtaining an online user-ID or accessing ‘Click to Pay.’

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