Infographic: Will OpenCourseWare Replace The College Classroom?

By: EW News Desk Team   Date: 19 October 2011

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19 October 2011

 With tuition costs and student debt on the rise, a new model is on the rise: OpenCourseWare (OCW). OCW refers to online course materials that have been created by universities and shared freely with the world via the internet. The MIT OpenCourseWare, established in 2002, was one of the pioneers of the system and to date nearly 100 million students access its online courses, with barely 1 percent of the students coming from MIT itself.

As more schools continue to post free OCW online that is readily available to any interested party, will OCW eventually replace the college classroom? Check out this infographic that highlights the accessibility of OCW and the difference in cost between OCW and traditional college tuition costs.

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