Infographic: How Bill Gates Is Personally Saving The World

January 16, 2012Personal Financeby EW News Desk Team


Billionaire, Businessman, Entrepreneur. While Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is best known for his numerous achievements in the field of personal computing, the tech icon is probably most proud of his philanthropic efforts, which has seen him donate nearly US$28 billion (or 48 percent of his personal wealth) to charity, while spearheading numerous social movements around the world.

His personal efforts in trying to bring vaccines and healthcare to the children worldwide is said to have already saved more than 5.8 million lives, while The Giving Pledge, formed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, has already seen charity pledges of up to $357 billion, from some of Bill Gates friends including Paul Allen and Warren Buffett.

As the world continues to rage against the personal greed that is running through Wall Street, this infographic salutes a man who has endeavoured to solve the world's problems using his wealth and influence.

microsoft infographic



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