Infographic: How A Student’s Debt Affects the Family Unit

April 11, 2012Education Industryby EW News Desk Team


Student debt, like any other form of debt, has a strong social impact. As student debt continues to rise in the United States, unanticipated consequences on family formation becomes more evident. This infographic discusses how, and why, the student debt has become such a family burden.

While empirical data concerning the effects of student debt on marriage, divorce and fertility is still meager, early research has found that there is a positive correlation between debt and family formation and stability.

A recent report by IHS Global Insight said that as a result of increasing economic stress, young adults are delaying key rites of passage typically associated with adulthood, with statistical evidence of later marriages and lower fertility rates for people in their late 20s.

This infographic shows how student debt in America has become a burden to many families across America.

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Student Loan Debt
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