Infographic: 5 Strange Signs That The Economy Is Improving

By: EW News Desk Team   Date: 22 April 2012

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22 April 2012

Economists love their indicators and indexes - from the more commonly known, such as the Big Mac Index, to the highly-lauded but hardly tested Skyscraper index, to the downright bizzare such as the Latvian Hooker Index.

Here at, we've even create our very own Consumer Confidence Index, which attempts to use crowdsourcing to determine how confident the world is on the economy.

But the reason for the vast multitude of indexs and indicators is clear: We have the desire to try and understand, and even predict, our economy; and as such would use any mean or measure to do so. Check out this infographic, which showcases five interesting, but slightly bizarre, indicators that the economy could actually be improving.

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