Chinese Pensioners Rally In Support of Occupy Wall Street

October 11, 2011Marketsby EW News Desk Team


The Occupy Wall Street movement may have started in New York City, but the cause is now spreading across to Canada and overseas, and in the process gaining an unlikely group of supporters: Chinese pensioners.

According to nationalist Chinese website Utopia, a group of elderly citizens took to the streets in Henan province on October 6 in rallying support of the Occupy Wall Street supporters.

"Resolutely supporting the American People’s might ‘Wall Street Revolution’" read an unfurled banner during the demonstration Thursday at a park in the provincial capital of Zhengzhou.

United, proletarians around the world, was another of the slogans that the pensioners chanted.

The post on Utopia also quotes a protester as saying that “America is creating havoc all over the world, starting wars whenever it wants to, interfering with the politics of other countries, and beating other countries with the stick of Democracy,” while another protester, described as a young man is quoted as saying that, “capitalism has no future and the citizens of the capitalist countries are starting to realize that.”

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, the protests have become big news in China and have been closely followed by the local media.

But they have also drawn mixed reactions. Some have been pleased to see frictions in the U.S., showing that its occasionally finger-waving democratic rival can be less than perfect. Still others sympathized with the protesters, which is perhaps understandable in a nation grappling with its own surging brand of capitalism and where major institutions hold so much power.

On Monday, China’s state media agency Xinhua said that anti-corporate protests in New York had exposed what it called “fundamental problems” with the U.S. economic and political protests.

Xinhua said they showed a “clear need for Washington, which habitually rushes to demand other governments to change when there are popular protests in their countries, to put its own house in order.”

Their frustration has exposed some fundamental problems with the economic and political system of the world’s sole superpower. If Washington fails to heed the call of protesters and address its fundamental problems, its messy house could become a headache for others in the world as well, Xinhua said.

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