Public Sector Reform in Tanzania

October 13, 2010Economic Reformby EconomyWatch


Public Sector Reform in Tanzania had been espoused to ensure economic growth and quality services inside the priority sectors. In Tanzania, the public service is a national institution of excellence that hasan important role in the abolition of poverty and acquiring a sustainable economic growth. So reform in this sector was necessary for the government.

Principles of reform:
The organization in the public sector followed some principles while forming their structures. These were:
  1. The accountability and responsibility for every activity would be mentioned clearly.

  2. Work would not be described in terms of the work process but results to be acquired.

  3. Reporting lines would be limited as much as possible. The management level would be justified according to its added value.

  4. Executive and service deliveries that couldn't be provided by the private sector would be defined as an executive agency. A maximum operational and managerial autonomy in return of the mentioned output would be given to them.

  5. Authorization of decision making for resources and accountability for the outcome would be given to those persons only who took the responsibilities for the activities.

Other Public Sector Reforms:
The Public Service Reform Program was a part of the broader process of public sector reforms that the government of Tanzania launched. This reform program had a close link with the local government Reform Programs. Improvement in the public services depended upon those other reform programs that was running collaterally with the public sector reform.

The Public Financial Management Reform helped the government to minimize the public expenditure, improve transparency and enhance accountability of the public resource management through public sector reform program.

Moreover, through the collaboration of public sector reform program with the public financial management reform program the Tanzanian government formed the measures to monitor the public expenditure and refine the cash release system to permit more flexibility to the ministries.

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