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Jan Tinbergen, the noted economist was born in The Hague in Netherlands. He was the joint winner of the Nobel Prize in 1969 with Ragnar Frischer for propounding various economic models in the analysis of economic process. This prominent economist was also a founding trustee of Economists for Peace and Security.

Life and Academic Background

Jan Tinbergen received education in the University of Leiden. He is the brother of the famous Nobel Prize winner Nikolas Tinbergen who won the award for his contribution in zoology. Another sibling of Tinbergen named Luuk also became a famous ornithologist. Tinbergen studied Physics and Mathematics in the University of Leiden. He obtained his PhD in 1929 with his thesis known as Minimization of Problems in Physics and Economics.

Career Profile

He served at the Dutch Central Bureau of Statistics as a business-cycle statistician from 1929-36 and again from 1938-45. He then joined the Central Planning Bureau as a director in 1945 and continued till 1955. He also served as a professor of economics at The Netherlands School of Economics that is now a part of Erasmus University from 1933-73. He also rendered service for the University of Leiden for two years before retiring in 1975. He was a member of the International Academy of Science as well.

Contribution towards Economics

Jan Tinbergen’s claim to fame was the theory of “Tinbergen Norm” which explores the fact that if in a company the difference between the lowest and highest income exceeds a rate of 1:5 then the company will incur a loss. The credit of developing a macroeconomic model also goes to him. He first applied this to Netherlands but was also applied to UK and USA during the later years in after World War II. He was the founder of the Econometrics Institute of Erasmus in Rotterdam. His theories also had a political inclination, which proved that with multiple objectives of price stability and employment policy achieve the desired results of stabilizing the economy.

Books written by Tinbergen

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