World Economic Development

June 29, 2010Marketsby EconomyWatch


In latest information on world economic development China’s economy has been growing at a steady rate as of fiscal 2009. It has been expected as per global economic development news that important political personalities and legislators would be taking steps that are necessary to hasten economic development of world.

As of now global media is waiting with lot of anticipation regarding outcome of couple of sessions that are to take place in China between its legislators and formulators of political policies. Much of this is because China’s economic progress is crucial to economic development of world on a whole.

World Bank reports on economic development in world have suggested that it is important to have proper administration throughout world as it can create and foster conditions that are necessary for economic revival in particular countries.

Economists in Australia have noted that terrorism is a major issue as far as economic development at world level is concerned. They have reiterated in wake of terror attacks in Pakistan on March 3rd and 5th that entire world needs to make a stand with Pakistan and assist it in its war against terrorism.

In its report on world economic development UNESCO has made it absolutely clear that long lasting effect of global financial downturn would be on people who are classified as economically backward. It is being expected that levels of poverty would go up and there would be an increase in number of deaths in this particular social strata.

This report regarding world economic development has also revealed that rate of infant mortality would go up and range from 200,000 to 400,000. Levels of infant malnutrition would go up as well.

As per reports on world economic development a major problem plaguing India’s economic development has been issue of open laxation. Sanitation has always been a prominent issue and it can only be expected that with rise of sub urban population of India this problem would be solved, if not wholly then at least partially.

In its reports on world economic development World Economic Forum has rated India among most financially viable locations for investment. At present India has gone up three places to be at 62nd spot. This list is headed by Switzerland.

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