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December 17, 2010Indian Collegesby EconomyWatch


Not only the best brains, but also the lowest cost brains in India has drawn the attention of the global leaders like Google, SAP and GE to open research centers in the country. From a report it is found that 1 million engineering students are graduated from both India and China in a year.

The economists have proved that the Indian economy has a high potential for attaining a long-term growth through its human capital. Presently India owns 500 million peoples under the age of 19. To the mid century there will be around 1.6 billion peoples in the country with 220 million more workers in comparison to china. This is really one of the best advantages for the Indian economy in the International scenario. But this will be a daydream if these working force lack proper training and education.

The need of the hour is to attain global expertise for competing in the international scenario. So in this context there exists a high role among the educational institutes.

Here we are trying to provide the list of business, economics, finance, management and entrepreneurship institutes in India. The coverage includes the name of the institute, address of the same, courses offered and duration of the course.


Business Management Institutes

Indian Business Management Institutes and Colleges

Finance Institutes

Indian Finance Institutes and Colleges

Entrepreneurship Institutes

Indian Entrepreneurship Institutes and Colleges



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