Chase Debit Card

October 6, 2010Debit Cardsby EconomyWatch


Chase Debit Card Card is a card that provides fast,convenient and safe transactions for its holders. The Chase Debit Card also plays both the role of an ATM and also as a plastic check. One can use Chase Debit Card for making payments towards all the daily purchases. The money that is spent through the Chase Debit Card are automatically deduced from the check primary checking account. One can also use the Chase Debit Card to pay many of the monthly bills like Internet access bills, Insurance premiums and other kind of bills.

Chase Debit Card Security

Chase Debit Card provides a very high security to its users and monitors all the transactions that are made all through the day. Chase Debit Card also gives its card holders the ability to check and verify their own account which increases the Chase Credit Card Holder's sense of security and also the peace of mind.

  • Chase Debit Card's fraud protection system is a highly sophisticated one and it monitors all the transactions that are made throughout the day and if any inconveniences are seen, the Chase Debit Card holder is informed at once.

  • Chase Debit Card also sends security alert to the card holders via phone or e-mail of any ATM transactions or any purchase made through cards exceeding the balance in the account.

  • Chase Debit Card provides compensation for any transactions that are made from one's stolen account after being informed about the steal or card fraudulent.

  • Chase Debit Card also provides its customers the ability to review balances in the account by going through recent purchases and ATM transactions so that the customer can quickly identify any act of Fraudulent.

    Chase Debit Card Facility

    Through Chase Debit Card one can pay after purchasing something as well as paying the recurring bills every month. The Chase Debit Card also provides rewards for spending a certain number of money through it. They also provide air miles if air tickets are booked through them.

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