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By: EW Content Team   Date: 4 May 2010

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The Star card or Military Star card is sponsored by the Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) and offers low interest rates for items that are bought at military exchange stores. Having this card is particularly useful if you are stationed overseas but wish to buy American products.

Be aware that not everyone in the military or working on a military base fits the eligibility requirements for a Star card. To learn more either visit the website at or contact the Star Card Customer Service Department. Qualified applicants are those who are presently on active duty, as well as retired members, reserve members, and Federal Department of Defense employees that are working on military installations outside of the country. Veterans who have a disability also qualify for the Star card. A State Department official is eligible for a Star card if he or she is currently working outside of the U.S. Dependents of all of the categories listed here are also eligible to apply for a Star card.

To apply for a Star card you can do it online or else you can go to any military exchange store such as AAFES, MCX or NEX and apply in person. You will require your military identification, as well as your social security number, and your duty station. Be aware that a credit check will have to be run on you regardless of which method you use to apply for the card. If you are approved when you apply in person then you will be issued a temporary Star card to use until your formal card arrives in your mailbox.

One look at the website for the AAFES and you will see that you can shop by department, current specials or catalog. You pay no sales tax when you shop at the Exchange Online store, the Exchange catalog or BX/PX. Online mall purchases are excluded from the no sales tax offer however.

Phone Numbers and Support

Here are some important telephone numbers relating to the Star card:

Military Star Contact Center
1-877-891-STAR (7827)

Exchange Catalog Contact Center

(Both contact centers are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week)

Customer Comments and Feedback
1-800-527-6790 or DSN 967-2011

(There is also an email form at the site where you can send comments, suggestions, etc.)

Access Problems
(Forget your password or having problems getting online)

If you are in the military or are affiliated with it in some way then having a Star card could make shopping at exchange stores a whole lot easier and more convenient!

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