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By: EW Content Team   Date: 3 May 2010

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The Sams Club card is no ordinary credit card. It comes with credit options for all of your personal needs. For example, there is convenience in having a Sams Club card and you can also earn cash back. By choosing to manage your account online you open up yet another door to convenience for yourself. You can pay your bill online as well as updating your account information, request a credit line increase and so much more.

The Sams Club Customer Service Department is there for you any time you have a question that you cannot find an answer to at the website. The website for Sams Club is available at Here you can find a variety of different services by category such as credit cards, credit card processing, health insurance, auto & home insurance, etc. You can also find services by type. These include:

•    Personal services
•    Business services
•    Financial services
•    Healthcare services
•    Insurance services

The Sams Club Company offers two credit cards that are worth knowing more about. The Sams Club Advantage Member credit card is a personal credit card that is ideal for making purchases at the Sams Club stores or online. There is no annual fee for this card and there is an In-Club cash access up to $60.There is also a zero fraud liability and special financing promotions to take advantage of.

The Sams Club Discover credit card is a personal credit card account that provides you with rewards in the way of cash back. This card has all of the same benefits of the Advantage credit card plus some others as well. It boosts an In-Club cash access of up to $100. As well you can earn up to two percent cash back. Visit the website to learn more about how this can be done. The convenience of this card is incredible. It can be used anywhere the Discover card is accepted.

Phone Numbers and Support

When an occasion arises that you need to contact the Sams Club Customer Service Center feel free to do so. The customer care specialists can be reached by email through the website. Look for the “Contact Us” page. If you wish to speak to a real person then phone the toll free number at 1-888-746-7726.

If you would like to send written correspondence to the Sams Club then the mailing address is as follows:

Sams Club
Member Service
2101 S.E. Simple Savings Drive
Bentonville, AR 72716-0745

When you are looking for a credit card that is nowhere new ordinary then look to the Sams Club. Sams Club does everything possible to meet the needs of its loyal customers. 


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