Military Star Card Customer Service, Phone Numbers and Support Information

May 3, 2010Credit Card Guideby EW Content Team


The Military Star Card is an “all services” card issued by the Army and Air Force Exchange Services (AAFES) and is accepted at all service exchanges as well as catalog and online purchases. The Military Start Card provides many of the same benefits of a traditional credit card. It boasts no annual fee, a low interest rate and a 25-day grace period before being charged a finance charge. Those interested in applying for a Military Star card can do so online or by visiting the customer service area of a military exchange store such as AAFES. Qualified applicants include active duty, retired or reserve members, and employees of the Federal Department of Defense working on installations outside the US, as well as Veterans with 100 percent disability. Officials of the State Department working outside the United States also qualify along with dependents of any of these categories.To access Military Star Card customer service, phone numbers and support information, card holders can visit the Military Exchange website at

Any questions regarding Military Star Card accounts should be directed to the Exchange Credit Call Center at 1-877-891-STAR or 1-877-891-7827. Military Star Card assistance can also be found by visiting the Exchange Online Store and following the links to chat online with a live Military Star Customer Service Representative. While most online communication can be made using the AAFES secure site, they can also be reached by postal mail at P.O. Box 660202, Dallas, TX 75266-0202.

Card holders are encouraged to take specific steps in order to successfully manage their Military Star Card accounts. Copies of all receipts should be saved. Monthly billing statements should be promptly opened and compared to saved receipts in order to identify any unauthorized charges. Questionable credits should be reported to the Exchange Credit Call Center immediately.

Payments should always be made promptly. Customers are also urged to register for online statements and set up automatic payments that can be deducted directly from bank accounts. Disputed charges must be submitted in writing within 60 days after receiving the statement in which they appear.

Customers of the all services exchange are prohibited from selling or transferring exchange merchandise or services to unauthorized patrons, not including gifts of a customary nature. Exchange merchandise cannot be used to produce income. Purchases made for the purpose of resale on behalf of a private organization or non-government entity is also forbidden. The online exchange store is a secure site that guarantees safety of credit card information. Any fraudulent charges made while shopping in the exchange online store not covered by the credit card issuer will be reimbursed by AAFES for the amount of the unauthorized purchases.

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