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October 6, 2010Credit Card Guideby EconomyWatch



Any corporate credit card which can effectively be used separately to organize the business and personal expenditure can be said to be the best corporate credit card. By this card, a corporate should be able to separately manage his company's and employee's business expenses. Some major corporate companies like GE, ICICI Bank, American Express etc. are all offering best corporate credit card. Some of the popular types like GE Corporate Credit Card, ICICI Bank Corporate Card, American Express Blue, American Express Community Business Card, INTRUST Corporate Credit Card OnLine, American Express Business Gold Card, American Express Business Platinum Card fall within the best corporate credit card categories.


The major corporate credit card companies planned for best corporate credit card to deliberately treat the needs of the small and medium sized companies. The best corporate credit card is particularly used for the corporation itself and not for the individuals inside the corporation and is usually given to employees for expending on behalf of the company. Best corporate credit card also track the expenses incurred by each card holder and individual reports are submitted to management.

Eligibility criteria

  • The corporate business credit cards are usually distributed to employees to use for those expenses they would normally incur on behalf of the company. Best corporate credit card is also able to track the expenses incurred by each card holder.

Mode of payment

  • The corporate credit card is issued in the name of the corporation. So, the concerned officer of the corporation is primarily responsible for any sort of payment .

Issuing process

  • The process of issuing a corporate business credit card:
    After deciding for best corporate credit card, business owner needs to apply online. Several websites are there to meet the corporate needs.

Basic features of best corporate credit card

  • Any corporate credit card can be termed as the best corporate credit card if it provides the basic features like discounts on purchases, provides opportunities for rewards, travel benefits, very low annual percentage rates for balance transfers( of course within the introductory periods). Card holder can also get reports in regular intervals which comprise purchases made on the corporate credit card account.

This best corporate Credit card will also be able to enhance the performance of payment procedures. and will definitely simplify the clerical procedures.


  • Some important qualities of best corporate credit card:


One needs to be sure of getting the following information like his current account balance, lost or stolen cards reporting, emergency card replacement, emergency cash disbursement, last payment received, account spending limit, the most recent statement balance and date, past due amount if any, position of any disputed charges, credits issued etc. to qualify the card as the best corporate credit card.

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