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October 6, 2010Credit Card Guideby EconomyWatch


The below par arrangement of Credit Card Security in the credit card processing makes it simpler to commit frauds. To overpower this fraud various types of Credit Card Protection Agencies have been brought to use. This simple way to commit fraudulent has produced a big black market of stolen credit card numbers that work so quickly, that a substantial amount of money goes missing, even before anything is reported as stolen.

To avoid these kinds of incidents many companies are now acting as Credit Card Protection Agencies. These companies provide many facilities as well as try to give protection to those who become the member of their organization.

Facilities That are available in These Companies

  • Registration Of All the Credit Card One Possess
  • Protection against Charges of Fraudulent
  • Stop-Use Alert on One's Lost or Stolen Credit Card
  • Pre Approval for upto a Certain Amount of Money

Registration Of All the Credit Cards One Possess

These Credit Card Protection Agencies are supposed to keep an account of all the cards one possesses.
These Credit Card Protection Agencies even register the cards of the husband or the wife of the card holder and also of their children who are under twenty years of age. There is also no limit on the numbers of cards one can register.

Protection Against Charges of Fraudulent

If someone makes a phone call as soon as his or her Credit card is stolen, he or she won't be liable to any further transactions that take place there after. It would be the liability of the Credit Card Protection Agency who would then have to take the whole responsibility.

Stop Use Alert on One's Lost or Stolen Credit Card

These Credit Card Protection Agencies,as soon as they are informed about the stolen Credit Card, inform the credit card companies to cancel the lost credit card so that no transactions take place thereafter.

Pre Approval for upto a Certain Amount of Money

If somebody loses his or her Credit Card far away from his home in some other country,the Credit Card Protection Agencies if informed can arrange for air tickets or various means to help its clients. But all these should happen within a fixed amount of money.

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