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The Walmart credit card online center is operated and managed by GE Money. The Walmart card login process is functional for new users once they have registered the card and have generated a unique user ID and password.

 Walmart Card Login: Registration Process

Only the primary card holders can register online. The registration process has five stages that ask the registrants to perform the following actions:

·        Enter the account number

·        Validate the information

·        Select the security question

·        Select the profile image

·        Confirm and submit the form

Once the registration is done, the online account gets activated and can be accessed by using the unique user ID and password that was generated.

Walmart Card Login: Facilities Available

Once the card holder logs in to the account, the various functions that he can perform include:

·        View account summary: This includes an overview of the last payment, due date, last payment amount, unbilled transactions, payment history and status of payments.

·        Pay online: This function lets the users make online payments towards their credit card. Users can set up a one time payment or a recurrent schedule through their checking accounts.

·        Request credit limit increase: Although this option is available for all online users, it is advisable that people go through their credit history with Walmart to analyze their prospects of getting an increase. This service is not available for regular use and a denial means a waiting period of around six months.

·        Transfer balances from other cards: Walmart card holders can transfer balances of their credit accounts to and from their Walmart accounts. This practice helps credit card holders escape accounts that charge higher APRs.

·        Order convenience checks: For merchants who do not accept credit cards, a Walmart card holder can request for a convenience check. This service is chargeable.

·        Update information: From changing the password to adding authorized card users, this functionality lets card holders modify different information for security as well as for personalizing purposes.

·        e-Bill/Bill payment: This function lets Walmart card users make payments towards different accounts and services that they use. They can either schedule or make a one-time payment with this service.


To gain the maximum benefits and decrease card related confusion, card holders are also requested to go through the terms and conditions of the Walmart card login process.


You can find out more about Walmart Card Login at the website. Walmart Card is a brand owned by Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (NYSE: WMT).


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