Victoria's Secret Angel Card Payment Online

October 9, 2009Online Credit Cardsby EconomyWatch


Making a Victoria’s Secret Angel card payment online requires a checking account. Registered users can submit their checking account and routing number to set up online payments. The information gets saved for future use and can be edited or deleted at any time.

Once a payment is made online, it takes two business days for the funds to get completely transferred. However, people paying through the ‘Pay Today’ service enjoy the privilege of making online payments on the due date itself and not get charged a late fee. Online users should go through the ‘On-line Bill Payment Access User Agreement’ for the terms and conditions of online payments.

Victoria’s Secret Angel Card Payment Online: Pay Today Service

The Pay Today service lets Victoria’s Secret card holders make payments even on the due date without getting charged a late fee. Payments made before midnight, EST, are submitted with the day’s date and considered on time even when the actual transfer of funds happens in two business days.

Although this service is charged, its benefits outweigh the cost. In fact, it is the perfect tool for people getting paid on the due date. It not only prevents the late fee but also helps in maintaining a god credit history.

Victoria’s Secret Angel Card Payment Online: Other Services

Besides making payments, consumers can check the following information online:

  • Current account status
  • Credit limit
  • Balance
  • Available credit
  • Minimum payment amount and due date
  • Past due amount
  • Last payment amount and date posted
  • List of your authorized buyers
  • Detailed statement history

With so many options available, online users can perform the following tasks:

  • Search for transactions
  • Submit name, address, phone, and email address changes
  • Submit authorized buyer addition requests
  • Request a credit line increase
  • Enrollment to receive e-statements
  • Consent to receive commercial emails

Although the online service offers a lot of convenience and speed, consumers are advised to exercise a lot of caution while performing different activities online, since hacking and online frauds are on the rise. Online payments are prone to fraud and users should be extra cautious while making their Victoria’s Secret Angel card payment online.

You can find out more about Victoria's Secret Angel Card Payment Online at the website, operated by World Financial Network National Bank (WFNNB). Victoria's Secret Angel Credit Card is a brand owned by Victoria's Secret and issued by World Financial Network National Bank.



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