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October 3, 2009Online Credit Cardsby EconomyWatch


SBI offers its customers the ability to “see and pay” their various bills (such as their electricity bill, credit card dues and phone bills) online with the help of the e-PAY facility. Through this facility, they can pay their bills at all times of the day, 365 days a year from the comforts of their home. Additionally, they can get an electronic acknowledgment for every bill paid through e-PAY.

Through the e-PAY service, you can also:

  • Set up your payments to be made for a later date. These payments will be processed on the scheduled dates and sent to your billers.

  • Use e-PAY to set up the AutoPay instructions for your bills and specify an upper limit for payments. Bills falling under this limit will be automatically processed whenever they are due.

SBI Credit Card Payment Online: Billers That Can be Paid

Using e-PAY, you can pay the bills of the billers that you have registered with the SBI bank. You can register the billers through:

  • The bank’s Internet Banking service.
  • The e-PAY Registration Form that can be submitted at the bank’s branch.

The billers you can pay using e-PAY can come under the following categories:

  • View and Pay Bill: The bills from these billers can be viewed online at These electronic bills are in addition to the paper bills received by you from the biller. You would receive these electronic bills only after you have added the information of the biller through your online banking account.
  • Pay Bill: These are billers that present bills only in the paper format but accept payments electronically. You can make payments to such billers immediately after you have added them online to your biller list. For these billers, you would need to keep your bills handy while making payments on
  • Payment Only: These are entities (such as charities and trusts) that do not normally raise bills but accept payments online. You will need to add these entities also to your biller list before making payments to them.

SBI Credit Card Payment Online: When Can You Start Paying

After you have registered a biller with the SBI bank, the biller will typically take seven to twenty days to conclude the registration process. For your "view and pay bill" billers, you would receive an electronic bill on your online account within 31 days of registration. You can make payments only against such electronic bills through e-PAY for such billers.

For "pay bill" and "payment only" billers, you can make a payment immediately after adding the biller to your biller list online.

You can find out more about SBI Credit Card Payment Online at the website. SBI Credit Card is issued by GE Capital Services and SBI (State Bank of India). GE Capital Services is a brand name of General Electric.


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