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After the merger of Providian with Washington Mutual the Providian Credit Card is being provided by Washington Mutual. The Providian Credit Card tailors itself according to customers' need. The Providian Credit Card services specialize in understanding the type of credit card that would suit a particular customer so that he could reap the benefits of using the credit card.

Types of Providian Credit Cards

The different types of Providian Credit Card along with their distinct features can be discussed under the following heads:

  • Providian Visa Platinum Card: These credit cards which mainly cater to the American consumers offer the following benefits:
    1. This Providian Credit Card holder has full liberty to access his Fico Credit scores.
    2. The Providian Credit Card holder enjoy the benefits of coupons and discounts to the popular restaurants and retailers.
    3. The credit limit is commensurate with the holder's needs.
    4. The credit lines are checked on a regular basis and an increase in the credit limit is allowed to customers who qualify certain conditions.
  • Providian Real Rewards: This Providian Credit Card provides different kinds of reward programs to its customers on making the purchases and also for on time payment. The advantages offered by the Providian Real Rewards are the following:
    1. The cardholders can redeem their reward points in the form of restaurant discount cards, airline travel etc.
    2. The reward points can also be used to reduce the Annual Percentage Rate on their account. There are more ways of earning and redeeming points.
  • Providian Cash Rewards: With the help of this card the holder can reap the benefits of Cash back from every purchase.
  • Premium Points : This is basically a rewards program that allows the card holder to earn one point for one dollar.


    The Providian Credit Card Payments can be made online or via mail or phone.

    Find out more about Providian Credit Card.


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