Military Star Card Payment Online

October 9, 2009Online Credit Cardsby EconomyWatch


Consumers can make a Military Star card payment online once they have registered and generated their online access information. The registration process can be initiated by submitting the last four digits of the SSN, date of birth and last name. Once the information is entered, the websites takes the consumers to the registration page, where the card details and a new account are synchronized.

The Military star card is accepted at all service exchanges. These cards can also be used online or in catalog purchases. They are equally functional at all AAFES, Marine Corps, and Navy and Coast guard exchanges. The card offers benefits similar to a bank card or credit card. There is no annual fee and the interest rate is low. For added advantage, a 25-day grace period is also given to consumers before any financial charge is levied.

Making a Military Star Card Payment Online

Consumers need to login in to their online account before they can start making the payment. Once logged in, they need to click on the ‘Member Services’ tab and click on ‘Payment Methods’. Once done, they need to pick the appropriate mode of payment and make a Military Star card payment online or pay other bills using their Military Star card.

You can find out more about Military Star Credit Card Payment at the website, operated by, which is owned by Eagle Empire LLC, Texas.

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