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By: EconomyWatch   Date: 6 October 2010

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MBNA Credit Card Online Payment facility is available to all the customers who hold MBNA Credit Cards. MBNA has networks in Europe,Canada and in U.S.A. In U.S.A, MBNA has been merged with Bank of America. So, the MBNA customers of USA who are holding MBNA Bank of America Credit Cards can make their credit card payment using the Online Banking Service of Bank of America.

The MBNA Credit Card holders of Europe can directly avail the Online Bill Payment Service of MBNA in the following way:

  • Credit Card holders can log on to the MBNA's own website and by accessing their credit card account they can make their credit card payment for a particular month.
  • If the on line credit card payment is done within 5 p.m. of any working day, then the payment gets credited to the Credit Card Account on the next working day. It can be mentioned here, that for MBNA, Europe, days from Monday to Friday are considered as Working Days.
  • If the customers make the credit card payment using online services of MBNA after 5p.m. Of any working day or if they make the online payment on weekends that is on Saturday or Sunday or on any Bank holiday, then the payment is credited to credit card account within two working days.

    MBNA America customers who now hold MBNA Bank of America Credit Cards can make the credit card payment via the online banking services of Bank of America in the following way:

  • Using Online services customers can give payment instructions and can make a schedule by which every month credit card bill amount gets deducted from the customer's account.
  • Customers can also update the Payment Instructions online.
  • Customers can simply make Credit Card Payments by accessing the online banking services every month before the due date mentioned in the credit card bill.

    Find out more about MBNA credit card payment online at http://www.mbna.com/. MBNA Credit Card is a brand of MBNA corp.


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