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October 6, 2010US Credit Cardsby EconomyWatch


eBay.com, an online shopping and auction website started in 1995, has collaborated with the Bank of America to offer the eBay credit card. eBay is managed by an American Internet Company, eBay Inc. The company also runs PayPal, Kijiji, Skype and Stubhub. People all over the world can use eBay.com to make sales and purchases of goods and services.

The eBay credit car is a type of MasterCard credit card and the cardholder can use the accumulated points on eBay.com. To apply for the eBay credit card, it is mandatory to have a PayPal account. The cardholders can use their PayPal account to keep a track of their reward points.

eBay Credit Card: Rewards

eBay credit card users are eligible for the following rewards:

  • The cardholder gets one point for every dollar spent on eBay.com and any other location that accepts MasterCard. These points can be redeemed against shipping fees or making purchases on eBay.

  • The eBay credit card gets activated as soon as the user receives the card. Therefore, the cardholder can start using it right away.
    • No annual fee is charged on the eBay credit card.
    • Customer services are available 24x7.
    • If the cardholder does not receive the item ordered, s/he can report the issue to GE Money Bank up to 60 days after purchasing the items.
    • The burden of unauthorized purchases is not borne by the cardholder.
    • When the cardholder redeems the points on the eBay credit card website, s/he receives reward vouchers.

    eBay Credit Card: How to Apply

    The application form for the eBay credit card is available on the eBay website. The eligibility criteria for the card are also available on the site. There are three different designs that users can choose from to personalize their card. One can also place one’s user id and photo on the card.

    eBay Credit Card: Restrictions

    The restrictions applicable on the eBay credit card include:

    • To clear the eBay credit card application, good credit history is essential.
    • Card holders cannot claim reward points for reward vouchers that have not been used.
    • Only the primary cardholder can claim the reward vouchers.

    ‘eBay Credit Card’ is the trademark of eBay Inc., who can be found at www.eBay.com


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