Citibank Credit Card Payment

October 6, 2010US Credit Cardsby EconomyWatch


An Introduction to Citibank Credit Card Payment

Citibank Credit Card Payment can be made via various means. These Citibank Credit Card Payment has various different means in different countries but there are some methods which are common in most of the countries.

Citibank Credit Card Payment Method

  • Payment is Taken Direct From Account
  • Phone Banking
  • Online Payments
  • Payments Through Postal Services

    Phone Banking:

    Citibank Credit Card Payments can be made through phone bankings and this is a very convenient way as well. But to make payment this way one needs to inform the customer service or the phone banking service before some days mentioned in the contract. These days have to be working days as well.


    Payment is Accepted Direct From The Account:

    The Citibank Credit Card Holders also have the opportunity to make their Citibank Credit Card payments through direct debit. For this facility, the credit card holder needs to provide his account number and access to the concerned bank so that the payment is made through the monetary deduction from another account. If one wants to make any extra payment to the concerned credit card company, then he needs to issue special letter to the bank account and allow Citibank to access that account.


    Payments Through Postal Services:

    The Citibank Credit Card Holders also get the opportunity to make the Citibank Credit Card Payments through postal services also. The credit card holder can send checks to the Citibank with other documents and the credit can be paid off.


    Online Payments:

    One can also transfer money from his own account to the credit card account and can payoff the debt online. One can also pay these debts by going to the branch in person as well.The Citibank Credit Card payment is very simple and the bank takes care of the payments made very carefully.


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